Not only do we offer the leading canopy cleaning service in Melbourne, here at Alpha Hospitality Australia offer a wide range of services tailored to your daily kitchen maintenance needs. Please feel free to get in contact with us in regards to booking for these services.

Canopy Cleaning
Filter Exchange
Equipment Cleaning
Audit Cleaning
Emergency Breakdowns

Fire poses a potential hazard for all Commercial Kitchens

All it takes is a single spark and grease/oil deposits to destroy your Restaurant.  It could even harm you and your staff.

To ensure maximum efficiency and safety, we strongly recommend:

     -  A regular Filter Exchange

     -  Cleaning of your Exhaust System and Fan

     -  Cleaning of your Canopy / Range hood

We can provide you a high-quality service, with quality assurance guarantees on all of our work. 

We are dedicated to looking after your Compliance needs, and ensuring the risk of fire at your venue is as minimal as possible.