Equipment Cleaning

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Reduce fire risk and increase longevity

If your kitchen equipment is not clean and maintained, you are increasing your chances of a fire. When your Equipment, Canopies and Exhaust Systems are clogged with grease, all it takes is a single spark or a gas leak to start a raging fire – which can destroy your restaurant and take away your source of earnings for a long time. Also, the risk of a fire poses significant danger to the lives of your employees and customers

Fire is a very serious hazard, so it is very important to make sure that your kitchen is clean and safe. Having clean commercial kitchen equipment will also improve the working environment for your staff, improve ventilation and odour removal, and lower your insurance premiums.

Also, keeping your kitchen clean will help to prolong the life of your equipment, make sure that your kitchen is not harbouring any dangerous germs and ensure that it meets the compliance guidelines. Equipment cleaning will also ensure that your kitchen is free of pests, which can be very costly and time consuming to remove


Clean Equipment Is Crucial

When it comes to cleaning your commercial kitchen, a deep thorough clean of all of your equipment can be an intimidating prospect. Although you will have your own cleaning routine, no matter how vigorous it might be – it is still necessary to have a periodic professional cleaning of all of your kitchen Equipment.

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