Our service solutions.

Based on our industry knowledge and experience together with our clients participation and gaining knowledge of their systems and involvement in achieving an outcome based on budget and standards.
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All Services.

Canopy Cleaning
Our thorough and comprehensive canopy cleaning service ensures that your kitchen canopy is safe.
Filter Exchanges
A regular filter exchange service is recommended, and required by the Australian Standards.
Kitchen Maintenance
Safeguarde your commercial kitchen to meet insurance, OH&S and government regulations. 
Equipment Cleaning
Having clean commercial kitchen equipment can prolong the life of your equipment and minimise the risk of fire.
Breakdowns Fire
Our emergency breakdown service is available for fan breakdown, canopy issues, air flow problems or fan replacement.
Audit Cleans
We offer a comprehensive audit clean service that will ensure that every inch of your kitchen is clean and sanitary. 

From start up’s to franchises, we provide a customised service.