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Top to bottom complete kitchen clean

If you are the owner of a commercial kitchen, you understand how crucial it is to follow food safety and hygiene regulations. It’s an essential part of your business – which should never be ignored.

A failure to maintain cleanliness in your kitchen could result in contamination, fines, shutdowns and fires. The problems caused could be very bad for the health of your customers, can void insurance claims – and harm your reputation. Also, if your kitchen is up for a hygiene audit, you could stand to lose your food license if the cleanliness level is not acceptable, which could end up costing your business thousands.

We offer a comprehensive audit clean service that will ensure that every inch of your kitchen is clean and sanitary. Effective cleaning will get rid of the build-up on your equipment and surfaces, which will stop this harmful bacteria from getting into the food you serve, and prevent any costly fire or pest issues.

This thorough cleaning service will ensure that your facilities meet cleanliness and food safety standards – so that you can stay in business. We ensure that your kitchen so as your business will keep running smoothly.


A formal checklist is agreed between the Owner/Decision Maker and technician

This enables us to create a precise agreed detailed checklist. We would also strongly recommend the client makes his availability to do a walk through with our Technician at the completion of the works.

What can you expect.
Our thorough kitchen audit clean can help you to identify any problem areas and to make sure that your kitchen is absolutely spotless. The scope of this cleaning service encompasses the entire working area, including:

Kitchen windows


Ceiling vents


Sides of equipment


Benches and tables


Underneath equipment


Signs and menu boards


Light fittings




Pressure wash and steam of the entire kitchen floor

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