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Your one-stop-shop for all your Kitchen cleaning needs, with expert cleaners ready to come into your commercial kitchen from the first inspection to the last and everywhere in between.

We offer an extensive range of kitchen cleaning services including Exhaust Canopy Cleaning, Filter Exchange, Audits, Equipment Cleaning, Maintenance and Repairs, Grease Cleaning, and Compliance Inspections. Whether you need regular ongoing or one-off clean, weekly, monthly or quarterly package, we have got you covered.

Here you will find everything you need in order to reach maximum Compliance for your commercial kitchen.

Our Services

Fire poses a potential hazard for all Commercial Kitchens! All it takes is a single spark in your kitchen and grease/oil deposits to destroy your restaurant. As commercial kitchen cleaning specialists, we strongly recommend: A regular Filter Exchange, Cleaning of your exhaust exit system and fan, Cleaning of your Canopy / Range hood. We can provide you high-quality cleaning services, with quality assurance guarantees on all of our commercial cleaning work. Kitchen duct cleaning is a very vital element which ensures proper airflow and ventilation for a safe and optimum environment for cooking in case of commercial kitchen. We provide comprehensive kitchen duct cleaning facilities in Melbourne that makes sure your kitchen always remains in top condition & runs smoothly without any safety issue.
It stands to reason that canopy cleaning is the most crucial element of a commercial kitchen to maintain its hygiene, cleanliness & overall efficiency. Alpha hospitality is Melbourne's specialist commercial exhaust canopy cleaner providing complete canopy cleaning from head to toe. We remove all flammable residue like grease, carbon & ensure proper air ventilation, which ultimately reduces the risk of catching fire. We constantly follow eco-friendly practices and equipment throughout our service.

Exhaust System Cleaning

Your Canopy (Range Hood) requires to be cleaned by the Australian Standards and Insurance companies.

We offer a thorough and comprehensive Kitchen Canopy Filter Cleaning service throughout VIC, NSW, WA and NT, which will ensure that your commercial kitchen extraction and entire exhaust system is safe, and does not pose a fire risk.

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24/7 Emergency Services

We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week in order to provide restaurants our 24/7 Emergency Breakdown Services.

We will get you back in business as quick as we can – because we know how much a non-functional kitchen disrupts your business and causes you to lose out on revenue.

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Complete Kitchen Compliance

Kitchens are constantly audited right across Melbourne.

Sometimes your kitchen exhaust system may not need a clean, but you DO need a Compliance Certificate. We offer Compliance Inspections for kitchens that requires a Certificate of Compliance, without needing a clean.

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Filter Exchange

When your filters are clogged and dirty, your entire exhaust system will not be functioning properly.

With our cleaning services we change your dirty Filters for clean and compliant ones on a regular basis

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Audit Cleaning

We offer a comprehensive audit clean service that will ensure that every inch of your kitchen is clean and sanitary.

This thorough cleaning service will ensure that your facilities are more than clean enough to meet food safety standards – so that you can stay in business.

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Floor Cleaning

Our floor cleaning specialists have kept Melbourne clean over 30 years, and can deep clean a whole range of floors, both domestic and commercial. We offer:  Carpet cleaning, Floor cleaning in your home or office, Floor cleaning in Restaurant/Café dining areas, Tile cleaning, Grout cleaning.

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