Grease Trap Cleaning Services Melbourne


Alpha Hospitality provides efficient grease trap cleaning service throughout Melbourne. We provide liquid waste removals, disposal & maintenance service for restaurants and commercial kitchens septic tanks at competitive grease trap cleaning prices in Victoria. We offer commercial Triple Interceptor Cleaning Service across Melbourne that ensure proper hygiene and safety of your kitchen. Our professional cleaners work precisely to meet standards of EPA (Environment Protection Authority Victoria, Australia). Whether it is a small kitchen or big outlets we are capable of delivering all-inclusive food grade cleaning service to get rid of grease trapping problem.

Why Grease Trap Cleaning Is Necessary for Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens?

Restaurants, mega kitchens and other businesses in the food industry produce grease and solid oil waste on a daily basis. Grease traps prevent grease to enter into the public sewer system and landfills. These grease traps need regular maintenance and frequent cleaning for liquid waste removal which ensure proper working of the kitchen waste system. If you consecutively overlook it, soon you have to shut down your business because your kitchen is no longer remain in working condition as before. This affects your revenue as well. Also, Local authorities are very strict about grease trap maintenance schedules due to its pollution potential.

If you forget to clear out grease traps there are high chances that you have to pay a hefty fine and face the legal complication as well. Our prompt grease trap cleaning service ensures the smooth operation of your kitchen and also reduce the impact on the environment. We put our service on a regular maintenance cycle and work with you to meet your business waste compliance obligations with your local water authority.

Professional Grease Trap Cleaners for Triple Interceptor cleaning & Management of any size

When it comes to grease trap cleaning, you can count on us. We have all that equipment and resources to deliver all in one cleaning service. Our staff is highly qualified and experienced to cope up with any difficult task. After thorough cleaning process, we make sure that there are no blockages in the waste line and the waste gets disposed properly. We always deliver our service with a highly professional way & each time follow standard cleaning industry protocols. Our liquid waste removal solutions are deliberately designed to comply with existing standards of various agencies in Australia.

Through continuous improvements, we have successfully maintained our utmost customer satisfaction level. All our clients are equally important to us. Our waste disposal services are tailored to meet specific requirements from a diverse range of clients.  We make sure that your kitchen runs smoothly without any safety issue.

From Alpha Hospitality's grease trap cleaning service you expect:

    • Efficient and thorough cleaning of the grease trap system
    • Less down to make the sure uninterrupted working of your business
    • Get rid of bad smell and risk of flooding
    • Blockage free inlet and outlet pipes
    • Professional cleaning as per Australian Standards
    • No fines and legal action from local authorities
    • Proper sanitation which reduces the environment pollution

Want to know about our waste removal solutions?

If you want an efficient grease trap cleaning service with competitive cost, then you can rely on us. We also clean grease triple interceptor efficiently. Cost of grease trap cleaning depends on the size, we offer cleaning service at competitive prices for small restaurant having grease trap 50L to big commercial kitchen having 5000L grease trap. Regular grease trap cleaning will save you money, time and stress in the long run so don’t wait! Feel free to give us a call on 1300 656 221 and share your requirements. One of our friendly staff will assist you to clear all your doubts and provide you a free quote. We are more than happy to help you.


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