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Canopy Cleaning

Canopy Cleaning

Canopy Cleaning is extremely important!

Your kitchen canopy plays a very important role in your kitchen – as its job is to filter out grease, fumes, moisture and much more. It protects your employees and customers from carbon monoxide, dangerous fumes, smoke, bad odour and so much more.

However, if your kitchen canopy hasn’t been cleaned in a while – it could be a hazard rather than a help. It doesn’t take long for the average range hood in a restaurant’s kitchen to become coated with grease. When it is left unmaintained for a while, your kitchen canopy can accumulate enough grease to become an extreme fire hazard.

It goes without saying that a fire in your kitchen would be extremely devastating to your business. Your equipment would be destroyed, you would have to shut down the restaurant and not only would you have to face the cost of repairing the damage – but you would be losing out on revenue for every day that you are closed. Also, a fire poses a significant risk to the lives of your employees and customers.

This is why it is very important for your kitchen canopy to be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. A dangerous amount of grease can build up faster than you might think. A regular canopy cleaning service is required by the Australian Standards.

Kitchen exhaust canopy cleaning
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Providing You With A Complete Canopy Cleaning

We offer a thorough and comprehensive canopy cleaning service throughout Victoria, which will ensure that your kitchen canopy is safe, sanitary and does not pose a fire risk. We are fully aware of the Australian Standards and we clean to a high standard – to ensure that your kitchen would pass even the most stringent of inspections.

We start by taping all electrical switches and laying wooden boards on top of your stoves and deep fryers. We will also cover all of your nearby counters with special cloth covering and all cooking equipment with heavy duty plastic.

Our canopy cleaning service includes:

  • Scraping clean the complete kitchen ventilation systems from top to bottom
  • Washing all parts of the kitchen canopy with food-safe caustic cleaning chemicals and hot water
  • Pressure washing the interior and exterior of canopy when possible
  • Washing the firewall and floor underneath the equipment
  • Scrubbing any built up areas by hand with stainless steel wool
  • Washing up the flue
  • Removing all water and polishing the canopy and firewall
Stainless Steel Exhaust hood

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