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Whether you are a long-time or new customer, everyone at Alpha feels that we are a part of your team, providing services and products to reduce your workplace hazards, including fire risks and generally keeping your staff and customers safe.

In the midst of this unprecedented global crisis with the Corona Virus, we are proud to announce a new service to you, that continues to keep everyone hygienic and safe.

This will be a Spraying Service of Disinfectant AG – RIDOV (Hospital Grade)

  • Disinfectant AG –RIDOV (Hospital Grade) will protect the surfaces at your workplace from bacteria SUPERBUGS.
  • Fully Australian Owned and Australian Made
  • Scientists have found that bacteria Superbugs survive longer on stainless steel than most other surfaces
  • Up to 99.99% protection for up to 72 hours
  • Spraying service is for any part of your venue, kitchens, dining areas, front counters, store rooms, bathrooms etc.

·         We can provide a Display Certificate for you that will promote hygiene and safety in your workplace, walk in take away areas and dining areas, giving your staff and customers trust, confidence and respect in your business

The cost of our service is $289 + gst for spraying all surfaces, walls, floors, ceilings, benches, shelving, piping and stainless steel.

  • Other products available include:

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20 Litres
Sanitising and Disinfection Services
Spraying Service – Disinfectant AG
Spraying service of Disinfectant AG starting from $289. Please contact us for a quote on the service as the price will vary depending on the job.
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